Focus On Feet

Focus on Feet is my newest series of portraits, which is the name implies has a focus on the subject’s feet.  Some images will focus solely on the subject’s feet with the rest of the image out of focus, while others will have the full body in clear focus.  However, the feet will always be the primary feature of the image.  Some images may include interesting footwear, tube socks, painted feet, etc.

These images will be made available to art students for practice with drawing and painting feet.  I also hope to have an exhibition of this project in 2020.

Interested in modeling for this project?  Use the contact form and send me a message.


soles of a beautiful shirtless boy's feet

Check out the full photoshoot of Jim.


soles and toes of barefoot teenager laying on bed reading a book

Check out additional images from this shoot!


barefoot soles of a sexy adult model to admire


shirtless teen boy laying on bed with feet towards camera pov photo

Check out the full shoot of this teen Filipino model barefoot!


girl tickling soles of her bare feet with a turkey feather

The inspiration for this project came to me after doing a portrait shoot in Tampa, USA of a brother & sister playing at the beach.  The night before I had been searching for some inspiration for this shoot and saw an image of a boy and girl with sand all over their bare soles shot with a wide angle lens from the point of view of the bottom of their feet.  We reproduced that concept and everyone loved it, so I thought ‘why not do this as a series with adults as well as kids?’

This is my image that inspired the project.

closeup shot of soles of a boy and girl's feet at the beach for focus on feet project

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