I met this teen Filipino model only a few days after starting the Focus on Feet project while traveling across USA.  He is a rather shy, yet very confident young man.  He was happy to show of his lovely feet for the camera for a one hour portrait session.


barefoot boy wiggling the toes of his feet

Curling toes…


youthful asian male laying on a bed without shirt showing the soles of his feet

Relaxing on the bed.


closeup photo of a boy's feet

Relaxing in bed barefoot with a magazine.


boy in classic tube socks laying in bathtub

Fun shot in classic tube socks!


shirtless asian male showing soles of feet

Posing on the end table in Calvin Klein boxers.

male youth barefoot and shirtless

And another…

barefoot and shirtless asian showing off his teen feet

Swinging his legs.


barefoot teen laying on bed

Crossed feet and crossed arm pose.


barefoot boy relaxing on sofa in hotel room

Relaxing on the sofa.


If you like barefoot photos, also check out the tag Feet!!! on my site which will display any post featuring barefoot models.


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