Tattooed Teens in Abandoned Tower

Final shoot to date for the Teens with Tattoos project.  I am hoping to find new models for a shoot soon this year.  “Tattooed Teens in Abandoned Tower” was shot in February of 2018.  Be sure to check out the other images from “Teens with Tattoos”.  One was at a fashion studio and the other on an abandoned train.


boy on a roof


group of shirtless boys on the roof of a skyscraper


sixteen year old boy with no shirt and tattoos



two shirtless boys in bluejeans and tattoos on top of a skyscraper



topless teenage boy with friends

This image was shot in at the top of the building under the water tower.  I often shoot this style with one boy in the foreground with his friends in the bokeh in the background.


closeup shot of teen boy with no shirt and tattoos


shirtless teenage boy with tattoos in abandoned building in bangkok thailand

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