Teens with Tattoos at Bangkok Fashion Design Studio

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This post is dedicated to the memory of Bank, one of the models from this photo shoot who died in an accident only a few months after shooting in April of 2018.  The models (7 boys and 1 girl) range in age from 14 to 18.  The young lady is the youngest.  She does not have tattoos but really wanted to participate in the project as her brother (with red hair) had signed up to be a model.  After chatting with her on Facebook I decided it could certainly add some interesting contrast to the scene.  Teens with Tattoos is a photography project featuring models 18 and under with inked bodies.

teen boys in bangkok thailand with tattoos

Tae (16) and Tum (17) square off.

shirtless teen boys with tattoos wearing bluejeans

teenage boys staring each other down over a cute teenage girl

teenage girl with pink striped socks and pink sports bra with two shirtless tattooed boys

These images were all shot on the roof of an AirBnB rental in a typical Thai shophouse.  It is located in the Phra Khanong district of Bangkok.  “Stare down” concept by German photographer Timo Kozlowski Photography.

handsome shirtless teenage boy with tattoos

Tum, age 17.

barefoot teen boys with tattoos showing bottom of feet (soles of feet)

group of teen boys and one teen girl on bunkbeds

Bank, age 15 (left bottom) talking to his friends. He only had tattoos on his back, relating to his Buddhist beliefs.

The AirBnB units are on the 3rd level of shophouse with a fashion designer’s studio on the ground floor of one building and a coffeehouse/bar on the ground floor of the second building.

gang of teen boys and one girl with lolipop

group of shirtless asian kids with tattoos

Boys only group shot in the lounge area.

shirtless barefoot teen boy in blue chair with beautiful tattoos

shirtless and barefoot red-headed teenage boy with tattoos

shirtless tha teen boy with colorful cartoon tattoos

Godis, age 18. Solo portrait.

sexy teen boy with no shirt wearing a white headband sitting in blue chair barefoot with tattoos

Tum, age 17. Solo portrait.

teen boy in tophat with no shirt and many tattoos

Tae, age 16. Solo portrait.

back of thailand teenager with Buddhist tattoos

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