Teen Muay Thai Fighter

Noe is a teen Muay Thai fighter living in Bangkok, Thailand.  He is 14 years old and as you can see dedicates a lot of work to keeping in great shape.  He loves to pose for photos and show off his six pack.

We did this shoot in an area near Bangkok called Minburi.  I was not able to find any information about the building, but to me it had the feel of an abandoned mansion.  However, it could have been a resort or hotel.  There were other abandoned structures nearby but they were fairly inaccessible.

This is part of my series entitled Youth and Urban Decay.

teenager without shirt wearing red sweatpants with white stripe

topless boy with basketball

topless teenage boy

shirtless boy in abandoned building

shirtless asian boy with hands in pocket

two shirtless guys in red sweats

teen boy with sixpack with wifebeater shirt pulled up

shirtless teen boy showing bare feet

cute shirtless teen in contemplative pose

beautiful shirtless muay thai fighter

About The Author

Model, photographer, traveler, and writer. I was born and raise in the south and maintain as much southern charm as possible while counteracting the stereotypical racist bible thumping attitude expected by so many.