Tattooed Mom and Son

This is my first shoot for a series I dreamed up called Parent and Child Intimacy.  I was super lucky to find this amazing tattooed mom and son pair in Bogota, Colombia.  The concept is simple: shoot a mother or father playing in an intimate bedroom setting with their young child.  Carolina and he five year old son Andrés were absolutely perfect.  Location courtesy of Vintage Home Bogota.

shirtless five year old boy in white underwear playing with red toy truck

Andrés waiting for mom to finish changing for the shoot


lady in white bra with her son in bed

Andrés and Carolina relax during the last few minutes of the shoot


boy resting his face on his mother's body

Nothing says I love my mommy like this one!


Andrés kissing his mom’s tattooed leg 

really happy boy playing with his mom in her underwear

Gleeful shot!

five year old boy in blue underwear playing with pillows

Andrés playing with pillows


boy in white briefs playing with white pillows

Andrés solo falling from pillow fort


mom cradling her son in bed



mom and boy feet together in bed showing their cute feet

Comparing feet!


boy and mom having a pillow fight in their underwear

Pillow fight!


boy and mom in white undies having a pillow fight

Andrés was loving the pillow fight and jumping on the bed!


tattooed mother kissing the feet of young son in bed

Mommy giving Andrés feet kisses


mom throwing her young boy on a bed



young boys and mother with colorful tattoos laying in bed snuggling

Snuggle time!


boy in underwear on his mother's shoulders

Watch my glasses!


mom wearing mask in bed playing with young son

Role Reversal


young boy and mom in white underwear playing on bed

Let’s go mom!


intimate photo of mother and young son playing together in their underwear

The project is about intimacy & freedom


Tattooed mom and son playing with toys on a bed

Andrés and mother Carolina playing with toys.

About The Author

Model, photographer, traveler, and writer. I was born and raise in the south and maintain as much southern charm as possible while counteracting the stereotypical racist bible thumping attitude expected by so many.