Comic Styled Feet Self Portraits

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The “Focus on Feet” series was launched in 2018, and has been shot throughout the world since that time.  Due to a lack of models during the Covid-19 lockdown period in 2020, I turned the camera on my own two feet quite regularly.

The Focus on Feet project was part of a larger group exhibition from May through June of 2022 called “Extremities: An Exhibition of Hands and Feet“.  There are still very high quality signed, limited-edition prints available.  Please use the contact form for inquiries.


Who doesn’t love a good pair of feet? They’re strong, versatile, and just plain sexy. And when those feet are edited in a cartoon style similar to anime? Even better! That’s exactly what self-portrait photographer Christopher Ryan does with his beautiful feet. He exposes his “soles” for the world to enjoy.


Christopher Ryan isn’t just a foot model; he’s also a talented self-portrait photographer. He has an amazing ability to capture his feet in all their sexy glory. His photos are edited in a cartoon style similar to anime, which makes them even more visually appealing.


About The Author

Christopher Ryan is an international photographer specializing in conceptual portraits in unique environments, such as abandoned buildings and picturesque landscapes. His work breaks the barriers of race, age, and geographic location, capturing the energy and exuberance of the human form. He was influenced by his unusual upbringing in the American South. He seeks to retain the virtues of Southern Charm while abandoning pre-conceived notions of prejudice.