Lord of the Flies – Boys Arrive on Shore


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Boys Arrive on Shore

After an exhausting swim, all 9 boys arrive on shore. They find an abandoned boat, climb on deck and pass out in the hot Thai sun due to the exertion of swimming.  Upon waking up they ponder their situation.  Some are quite frightened but at the same time curious about their surroundings and some are even playful.  At this point all are generally cooperative and friendly towards each other, but you can sense some conflict between two of the oldest boys Jack and Ralph.

The most intellectual boy of the group is Piggy.  He is very contemplative of their situation and is aware of the physical differences between himself and the other boys.  However, he is not unhappy or worried as he has always been greatly respected back home.

thai boy scouts on an abandoned fishing boat

Initially the boys are friendly and curious about their new environment.

cute thai boys

Early on the boys sense some tension between Jack and Ralph

Piggy Lord of the Flies

Piggy listens as the other boys discuss the situation.

boyscouts with brown uniform

The younger boys look back at the island curious about what they will find.

boyscouts on a boat

The boys discuss what to do next.


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End of Boys Arrive on Shore

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cute boys playing on the beach




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