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The Boys Make a Plan

The boys make a plan to gather wood to build a fire as well as to create some type of shelter.  Most of the deserted boat is unusable as a shelter, but they will use it for sunbathing and entertainment venue.  Piggy and one of the younger boys are left on board the boat to look out for any possible help or threats.

As they work they realize they are free from adult supervision and begin to strip off their clothes in the hot Thai sun.

cute contemplative boy

A younger boy is left on board the abandoned boat to watch for help, but he is lost in his own thoughts

overweight nerdy boy in wifebeater shirt

Piggy carefully watches the sky for possible rescue while the other boys execute plans to find material for a structure and fire.

lord of the flies boys collect wood

Ralph already begins to assert leadership when he spots a piece of bamboo that may be useful for the shelter

boys taking off their clothes

The boys start to remove their Boy Scout uniforms.  Piggy will never strip beyond his undershirt.

shirtless boys on rocky shore

The boys are happy and feel more free after removing their uniform shirts.


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End of  “The Boys Make a Plan”

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cute boy with necklace shirtless


About The Author

Christopher Ryan is an international photographer specializing in conceptual portraits in unique environments, such as abandoned buildings and picturesque landscapes. His work breaks the barriers of race, age, and geographic location, capturing the energy and exuberance of the human form. He was influenced by his unusual upbringing in the American South. He seeks to retain the virtues of Southern Charm while abandoning pre-conceived notions of prejudice.