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Hello, and thank you for dropping by.  My name is Christopher Ryan and this is my website.  As you might have gathered from the domain name, it is all about me.  I am an ambitious, intelligent, healthy and happy gay male living in Biloxi, MS.  I am currently single.  What I love most is to travel.  Usually if I am not already on the road, overseas, or in the air, you can be assured that I am planning my next trip!

I also really like meeting people.  I have set up a facebook account just for this website to keep track of the people I meet through the site.  Please feel free to add me, just look up christopher@christopherryan.com.  If you do not have facebook, then by all means go to www.facebook.com and get yourself an account!

Meanwhile, please use the links to the left and visit my extensive photo gallery.  There are over a thousand pics of me, many many more of friends, and thousands of travel pics from all over the world.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Christopher Ryan
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