Just who is Christopher Ryan?

Hi,  my name is Christopher Ryan.  Here is a brief introduction to what I am about:   I lost my career job in high-rise construction in November of 2014.  Rather than find a new employer and stay in the rat race, I decided to combine my three passions of travel, modeling (Male Model Bangkok), and photography into a multi-year project.  I rid myself of the bulk of my worldly possessions, left America, and moved into a small condo in Bangkok.  Bangkok will be my base for the next 2 or 3 years as I explore Thailand, SE Asia, and beyond. It will be my pleasure to model for a variety of photographers, bodypainters, and other artists as I travel as well as sharing my images and stories with a world-wide audience.  I hope to show others that there are many amazing people and beautiful places all over the world. I have already been traveling for almost a year and have been faithful to providing regular updates on my adventures. Thank you for joining me, please keep checking back and spread the word! Chris