Lord of the Flies – The Hunting Party Returns

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 The Hunting Party Returns

The hunting party returns the next morning having successfully hunted down a wild pig.  He asserts his perceived role as head chief by carrying the severed head of the pig on a spear.  He addresses boys from both camps and promises all of them will eat.  He invites Ralph, Piggie, and Simon as well.  During Jack’s speech Simon feels some connection to the pig’s head and interrupts Jack to say that the pig has declared him Lord of the Flies.  Jack is enraged and tells his followers to “get him out of here.”

Jack with pig's head

Jack proudly carries the head of the pig he has speared to death

shirtless boy with pig's head

Jack declares himself Chief of all Boys

leader bragging

Jack brags of his accomplishments

Simon in Lord of the Flies

Simon feels some connection to the pig’s head.


Jack with teen boys in Lord of the Flies

Jack praises those who have followed him


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End of “The Hunting Party Returns”

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boy being trampled


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