Korn Danviboon – Singer, Actor, Dancer, and Model!

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Korn Danviboon singer




Korn Danviboon is a multi-talented young man of ten years old with an impressive resume in the entertainment industry.  His talents include singing, dancing, acting, modeling, and playing musical instruments (guitar, violin, & drums).  He also enjoys tennis, Thai boxing, and archery.  Though it is not listed on his resume, he shows a natural ability at being a comedian.  Mugkorn only recently turned 10, so there is plenty of time to decide which one(s) of these to pursue.

Mungkorn Danviboon fashion model

Singing credits include

  • Popular vote in Thailand, EBO Singing Contest 2016 (The highest score in
  • Excellent Singer Trophy from Princess Ubolratrajjakanya in Thailand M2E Singing Contest 2016
  • Excellent Singer Trophy from Princess Sirindhron in Thailand EBO Singing Contest 2016

Korn Danviboon singer

This was Korn’s favorite image from the portrait shoot.

Korn Danviboon singer

Korn Danviboon singer

All of the images from this shoot were created at a beautiful lake known as Kut Ling Ngor, located approximately 15 kilometers from Udon Thani city center.  I chose three locations around the lake including these at some sort of small abandoned structure.  The shoot therefore fits in with my Youth and Urban Decay project of kids around the world in abandoned structures.


Shirtless and Wife Beater Shirt

boy wearing wife beater


Korn speaks perfect English, and was greatly amused when I explained that his undershirt was affectionately known as a wife-beater in the United States.


boy wife beater korn danviboon

Modeling credits include:

  • Myanmar Fashion Week 2016
  • Let’s Wet Laos’ Fashion Week 2017
  • Vietnam Asian Kids Model 2017

Korn Danviboon shirtless celebrities

korn danviboon mungkorn wifebeater

Mungkorn enjoying the beautiful Thailand sunshine.

Korn Danviboon actor

International Awards

  • 11 medal from WCOPA 2016 USA pass through semifinal round from singing&Modelling in many categories
  • 12 medal from WCOPA 2017 USA and pass through the Grand Final round from singing & modelling in many categories (the only one junior vocal male who’s pass through grand final)
  • The 2nd runner winner of Shining star Singing Contest in Istanbul Turkey year 2016

tween boy wife beater


tween boy korn danviboon wearing black sneakers and wifebeater shirt

Korn was 1 of 24 children chosen by Workpoint Entertainment to join the variety Singing show “We kid Thailand” Season 1.  Check out one of the videos here.


Pajama Portraits

Korn Danviboon pajamas


korn danviboon in cute kid's pajamas


korn danviboon with guitar

Korn was recently honored to perform on a solemn occasion singing for the King Rama 9 funeral ceremony on TV channel 24.

korn danviboon actor and singer posing for an adorable photo

korn danviboon wekid child singing star wearing wifebeater shirt

Korn’s career is currently managed by his mother and grandmother.  He lives in a beautiful compound with immediate and extended family.  He has two older brothers studying at university in Bangkok.

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