If you’re interested in learning more about how to participate in one of these photo series, here’s what you need to know:

What is a TFP Shoot?

Christopher Ryan Photography will typically be offering TFP shoots for most photo series at this time. TFP historically stood for “Time for Print.” Because most images are now digital, it is generally understood as “Time for Photo.” This means that in exchange for your time modeling, or in some cases collaborating as a makeup artist, body painter, stylist, etc, the collaborator will receive digital images they can keep as well as share on their own websites and social media.

teen girl in white sports bra holding an abacus in abandoned building

TFP shoot in Puerto Rico for Child and Teen performer project.

Will I be required to sign a model release?

Yes. All models will be required to sign a model release. A clear image of your government ID must be provided, as well. The ID must show that you are at least 18 years of age. For models under 18 years of age, a parent must sign the release and provide a copy of their government ID.

How Will the Photos be Used? 

Most photos will be used to promote the photographer’s work on their website, social media, and other platforms, including gallery showings if applicable . The release also gives the photographer permission to use photos for commercial purposes in the future. The photographer does not guarantee that photos will be featured on their website or elsewhere.

How Do I Know if I am a Good Fit? 

Before applying, please be familiar with the style of these shoots. The styles will vary widely depending on the theme of the photo series for which they are intended. Please see each series listed below to learn more about them and view previous images for examples of what the photographer is trying to capture.

  • Youth and Urban Decay:  A series that captures the beauty of youth set against the backdrop of crumbling, abandoned structures
  • Youthful Ambition: Kids who excel in a talent such as singing, dancing, fighting, gymnastics, football, basketball, or other sports.
  • Focus on Feet: Feet are an essential part of our daily lives, and yet they often remain hidden, covered, or out of view. In the Focus on Feet series, Chris approaches this specific subject with equal parts reverence, celebration, and humor.
  • Parent and Child Intimacy: In this series, we see these glimpses of joyful, fun moments in a spirit of unity between a parent and child.
  • General Portrait Photography: Individual, couples, families, etc.
mom cradling her son in bed

TFP shoot from Parent & Child Intimacy project.

Can I edit or crop the photos?

Models are prohibited from editing images in any way. This includes applying social media filters, social media frames, phone or computer digital editing, cropping the images or changing the size.

Can I share or post the images on my social media pages or use on my own website?

Absolutely.  The final images you receive are yours to share on social media or print.

Will the images have a watermark?

Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon in advance, all images will have the photographer’s watermark placed in a fairly discreet manner.  These may not be removed by the model or any other TFP collaborators.

What is your editing process?

The photographer will cull images to select only the best for final edits.  Care is given to produce a variety of locations, poses, wardrobe looks, etc.  Basic color and exposure corrections will be applied to all of those selected.  In addition, further edits in Photoshop may be performed on 1 or more of these of a more complex and artistic nature.  In every case, all collaborators will receive copies of the final digital images.

Can I have copies of the RAW files?

Under no circumstances will I provide RAW files to the model or any other TFP partner.  Final images will be provided in JPG format and proof sheets are provided in PDF format.

Will you provide prints?

Generally I do not provide prints.  However, there are occasions when I will prepare a nice print as a gift to the model for a particularly amazing session!

Will you tag me on social media?

If available, all TFP collaborators will be tagged on the social media platforms where their images are being shared, unless the model or other TFP collaborators request not to be tagged. If you are tagged in a post and wish to remove that tag, you are free to do so at any time.

Am I required to tag the you?

No.  There is no legal obligation to tag me or any other TFP partner, however it is generally appreciated.

Is nudity required?

Definitely not!  However, for models 18 or over I will be glad to coordinate some TFP shoots involving nudity.  The model should never do anything  he or she is uncomfortable with.

What about location fees, transportation expenses, wardrobe, etc.?

Location fees, transportation expenses, wardrobe and other costs will be discussed in advance. Most projects are self-funded by the photographer and therefore low-budget. However, if the photographer is requesting a special theme for clothes and the model does not have them, the photographer may be willing to pay for that. Usually locations such as hotel rooms, Air BnBs, etc will be paid for if the shoot fits in with one of the photographer’s primary photo series listed above. 

If there is a makeup artist participating as a TFP collaborator, they will not be paid. If the model has a specific makeup artist they would like to work with, they may choose to pay one for the project at their own expense.

Do you have any concepts for specific TFP projects that my friends may be interested in?

Yes.  In addition to the on-going projects listed above, I am interested in the following:

  • YOUR CONCEPT!!  – I am always interested in the model’s own concepts, let me know!
  • Teen/child fashion – portraits of children and teens who can provide their own fashion clothes
  • Outdoor portraits of dancers.
  • Bodypainting projects.
  • Young boy or girl playing with their family dog.
  • Boudoir – ladies (18 or over) wearing lingerie.
  • Elderly Portraits – portraits of people with aged faces.
  • Environmental Portraits – portraits of people at work in interesting places.
  • Sensual nude – 18 to 25 year old men and women.