Lord of the Flies – Ralph Promises Shelter

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Ralph Promises Shelter

Ralph promises shelter to the boys in an effort to gain control of the forlorn group.  He locates a fallen tree and promises the younger children that it will be a fine shelter to keep them safe from the elements.  He rationally describes the various elements at play such as weather and predators.  Both Jack’s and Ralph’s platforms have merit and it is difficult to chose sides.  As a natural diplomat, Ralph invites Jack and the other boys to inspect the shelter.  While inside they are startled by some sounds nearby.  Jack loudly proclaims this is the pig he has already seen and demands his hunting party get to work.

Shirtless boys in a fort

The boys try out the shelter Ralph has discovered

Everyone is startled when they hear movement outside of the proposed shelter

Everyone is startled when they hear movement outside of the proposed shelter


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End of “Ralph Promises Shelter”

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boys faceoff


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