Fairlane Cemetery

Fairlane Cemetery

Admittedly, this is not a very exciting photoshoot.  However, it was an interesting find.  It appeared as a dot on a google map labeled as “Fairlane Cemetery.”  It is located just to the west of False River Airport along the Morganza Highway between Morganza and New Roads, Louisiana.  It lie in the middle of a massive sugarcane field and took a bit of exploring to find.  Apparently Fairlane Cemetery does not receive many visitors other than the permanent residents.  The front half had apparently been trimmed back at least once this year, but the back was much worse and fairly impenetrable.


This was the final post in my weekly series of cemeteries in HDR (high dynamic range).  I set out to do one a week and through halloween and only missed one week due to massive rain from Hurricane Patricia.  Here are the others:

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