Model Call – Oriental Beach Village

I will be offering free photography sessions at Oriental Beach Village Nudist Resort from October 25 to 27th.  This is in conjunction with their grand opening festivities.  Please note that these are TFP (Time for Photo) shoots.  There is no fee paid to the model and there is no charge for the photoshoot.  Please read the TFP FAQs.

Concepts Available

  • Nude Family Portraits in resort area or on beach – in 2021 I plan to launch an ambitious project for a book based on a year of visiting nudist resorts across USA and Europe shooting nude family portraits.  I will make this concept available in Thailand to help prepare for this project.
  • Parent/Child Intimacy – an ongoing series I have with one parent and one child in an intimate setting (resort villa room).  Click the link for more details and examples.
  • Nude portrait shots – solo or couples
  • Focus on Feet – is an ongoing series I have with a focus on the bare feet of the model.  Click this link for more details and examples. 


Please note that all models must sign a model release.  Models will be chosen at the sole discretion of the photographer.

To apply, please contact me via Facebook or Line.  The ID for each is TheChristopherRyan


shirtless teen boy in NYC Rockaway Beach

tattooed mother kissing the feet of young son in bed

hot barefoot teen boy in Aruba showing his beautiful soles



About The Author

Model, photographer, traveler, and writer. I was born and raise in the south and maintain as much southern charm as possible while counteracting the stereotypical racist bible thumping attitude expected by so many.