Date: Open through the end of August 2021

Location: Biloxi, MS

Who: Open to a variety of concepts for male/female/genderfluid, etc.

Modeling Fee: This will vary and is to be determined based on the concept and model’s experience.  For example, if it is a journalistic type of concept such as “In Their Rooms” there is no pay.  Experience is not required but is taken into consideration.

Contact: The best way to reach me is via Instagram (@ChrisRyansWorldPhotos) or Facebook.

Age: Please read the concept descriptions – this can vary greatly.


I am an international conceptual photographer specializing in a variety of genres, especially youth and the human physique.  As a gay man raised in the south, I have a particular interest in the LGBTQ….. community.

This casting call is to reach out to anyone who may be interested in modeling during the month of August as I have access to my own home in D’iberville which is currently unoccupied after many years.  This space has beautiful lighting and I will be visiting several times as I am currently living in New Orleans.

Most of the projects I accept are shot on a TFP basis meaning there is no fee paid to the model, but also no charge from me for the portrait session.  I have a very clearly written policy of what the model will receive in exchange that can be found here.


Current Concepts (feel free to suggest your own as well).

  • “In Their Rooms” – trans/queer/gay/lesbian people in their own bedrooms.  See image below from a recent shoot for this series.
  • Twink Couple Portrait Shoot – not a series I have shot yet but something I am very interested in shooting!  It should be a real couple with affectionate bond, but it will not be pornographic.
  • Human Physique – can be any gender and heterosexuals are welcome!  This is one category that could be considered for paid work if the models has a strong portfolio.
  • Focus on Feet – This is an on-going series I have worked on for several years now.  Click on the link to read a full description and see the images!
  • Youth and Urban Decay – This is my longest-running series which has been exhibited in Thailand and Washington DC.  Click the link to read more.  I do not currently have any location in mind, but would love to meet parents who have children that would be appropriate for this concept.
  • Parent and Child Intimacy – I have been working on this series since 2018 and would LOVE very much to include a family with two daddies.  Any daddy really!  So far all of the participants have been moms, but I am open to shooting more moms as well.
  • Youthful Ambition – Kids that excel at something (usually sports but not necessarily).
  • Bizarre Portraits” – this is something new I am trying to launch.  The idea is to create very unusual images that make people take a second or third look to try to figure out what is going on.  This may involve masks, strange props, etc.  Open to children, adults, families, small groups, and large groups.  I’ll even come to your cookout and figure something out on the fly for this one!


Also be sure to check out my session called “Portrait Therapy for Gender Dysphoria“!   This was amazing.


Please note: Signed model releases are 100% required.  I will gladly shoot minors in an appropriate and legal manner provided that at least one parent meet with me for a “full disclosure” discussion and sign the minor’s model release as well as provide a copy of their government issued ID.  The parent will be requested to acknowledge reviewing the type of content I produce as well as a quick review of my printed works in a book so there will never be a regret of any type in the future.


Full Disclosure: Much of my work is of an intimate nature with subjects often wearing little clothing.  When considering modeling for me or any other photographer always be aware that once your image is published online it has the potential to float around through eternity.  I believe the human body is something to be admired and appreciated just as the human soul/spirit is to be appreciated.  Please be sure to review my content before considering modeling for me.  Thank you!


Image from “In Their Rooms”


Boy in abandoned hotel Vientiane

Gay street boy. Vientiane, Laos. 2017. Youth and Urban Decay series.

“Questioning” – teen ‘ladyboy’. Pak Chong, Thailand. 2017.




About The Author

Christopher Ryan is an international photographer specializing in conceptual portraits in unique environments, such as abandoned buildings and picturesque landscapes. His work breaks the barriers of race, age, and geographic location, capturing the energy and exuberance of the human form. He was influenced by his unusual upbringing in the American South. He seeks to retain the virtues of Southern Charm while abandoning pre-conceived notions of prejudice.