Travel Photography

The travel gallery is organized by country.  Click on any thumbnail with country name below to get to the actual gallery.  Some are broken into further divisions such as states, cities, regions, etc.  Note that most of these images are from my travels prior to starting to study photography professionally.  I believe a lot of these will demonstrate interesting composition, but may lack in technical ability as well as advanced equipment.  I take this very seriously, and will continue studying and shooting to bring you higher quality images every trip!

Though world travel photography is my passion, I am available for other projects as well, please see text continued below the gallery icons.

on the boat to Dubai


Note: I (Christopher Ryan) am a model and a travel photographer.  Please consider hiring me for special projects around the world.  If you have something in mind, and you have already confirmed my location on the world tour itinerary, I may even consider shooting on speculation.

Higher level photographers: please consider using me as an assistant or model on your large scale assignments!

Film industry professionals: I am available for behind the scenes shooting.

This is my story – I have loved photography since the age of 9 when I bought a used 120 film camera at a yard sale in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama.  I mainly shot people at that time, but also shot landscapes, cars, trucks, and heavy equipment.  Later in life I was a photographer for a couple of different magazines in south Florida shooting night club events, circuit parties, and special events.  Then (sadly) life happened and I started a career job in high-rise construction.  Fortunately this allowed me to save some serious money which I invested in real estate and now am able to pursue photography full time.  Even more fortunately, I was fired from that dreadful career in November of 2014 at which time I immediately registered for a full program of photography at San Diego City College.  I continue my training with various workshops, book reading (my favorite is Lonely Planet’s Travel Photography), and via internet.

World Travel Photography

National Park – Kenya

World Travel Photography

Panoche Mountains – California

World Travel Photography

Tsukiji Market – Tokyo

World Travel Photography

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco