Welcome to my travel photography collection.  I have been to 34 countries to date.   Please note that this section contains my amateur travel photography from my earlier years as a hobbyist photographer. I am interested in other interesting offers for temporary employment, adventure, cultural exchanges, etc.  If you are interested in hiring or hosting me, please contact me via the "propose a stop" page.  I will answer all inquiries. travel to kenya safari  


I put a great deal of thought into how the travel galleries should be organized.  Originally, they were organized by various trips I have been on.  However, I began to realize that this would be hard to navigate, especially if someone were looking for a specific place.  The way it is organized now, is in a hierarchical manner.  First by country, then by region (state or province), then by City.  They do not all follow this exactly, but it is fairly self-explanatory.  This way if there are multiple trips to the same city it will be easier to find. These galleries include travel to 25 countries and continues to grow.  So far, it includes The United States, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Andorra, Egypt, Kenya, Spain, France, Thailand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, Peru, and Canada. The capture the world page will include an itinerary that will chronicle the day to day experiences on this trip though the photos will still be uploaded to the gallery in the same manner.

Travel Genres

I am into all types of travel.  I often explore abandoned buildings, nature parks, and beaches by day.  I am also interested in architecture and have a limited interest in museums.  I try to explore museums enough to write a bit about them.  At night time I can be found checking out the gay (lgbt) scene in some of the biggest cities in the world as well as checking out local dining (I love to eat)! I hope you will check back often and follow my adventures.