This is the new SmugMug gallery. Most pics from the old gallery have already been uploaded there. There were a lot of broken links in the old gallery, so it has been removed.

The new gallery powered by SmugMug is at www.christopherryan.smugmug.com

The new gallery is organized into categories, subcategories, and keywords and is very easy to navigate. Explore the main gallery page and check out the cool features before launching into the galleries. Be sure to check out the Google Earth Map (locations I have visited around the globe), SmugMug Timeline (quickly locate recent pictures, etc.) and Keywords (see below).


The Keywords feature will allow the user to quickly narrow down various pictures from multiple galleries. SmugMug provides a complete list of keywords at www.christopherryan.smugmug.com/keyword. You can also easily learn to combine keywords by studying the address window of your broser and assemble them yourself.

Here are some pre-formatted keyword links to get you started:

Christopher Ryan: This will bring up all pictures of your host (me - Christopher) no matter which gallery they are located in.

Family: Pictures of direct family members. This will automatically include pictures of my Mom and my Brother Mike.

Friends: This keyword will load pictures of my friends whether or not they have their own keyword. I am still working to keyword all friends who have agreed to have their names keyworded. I have tried to limit this to friends who appear in many galleries and categories to simplify navigation and searching.

Note that anytime an individual picture is displayed, the associated keywords will show up underneath it. These appear as links which allow you to bring up more pictures with the same keyword.

You can return to the main page at any time by clicking on www.ChristopherRyan.com at the top of each gallery page.